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Meat Shits / Butt Auger - Meat Shits / Butt Auger FLAC

Meat Shits / Butt Auger - Meat Shits / Butt Auger FLAC Performer: Meat Shits / Butt Auger
Album: Meat Shits / Butt Auger
Country: US
Released: 1994
Style: Grindcore, Noisecore
Label: Auger Records
Genre: Rock
Size FLAC: 2377 mb.
Size MP3: 2453 mb.
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 876
Record Source: Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM


1Meat ShitsManipulation Of Mankind
2Butt AugerTechno Fag
3Butt AugerAuger Bloody Auger
4Butt AugerFree Dammer
5Meat ShitsInsanity...Your Fault
6Meat ShitsBack Door Blast (Reprise)
7Meat ShitsDanger Fuck
8Butt AugerFace Rapist
9Meat ShitsTen Years Of Iraq
10Meat ShitsNo Shaved Pussies
11Butt AugerMenage A Twat
12Butt AugerZodiac Lives
13Meat ShitsCunt Causes Pain
14Meat ShitsSami And Manuel And Les And Jason
15Butt AugerRiding Miss Daisy
16Butt AugerPustulated Test Resin
17Meat ShitsDisco Godfathers
18Meat ShitsSuffer In Repent
19Butt AugerI Hate Your Fucking Guts And I Hope That You Die
20Meat ShitsRaped...For Your Thoughts
21Meat ShitsBlind From Masturbation
22Meat ShitsIntelligence Refused
23Butt AugerEvil Genius
24Meat ShitsSummertime Cunts
25Butt AugerTearing Out Your Fucking Guts
26Butt AugerFuckwad
27Meat ShitsBack Door Blast
28Meat ShitsOrgasm Of Cardiac Arrest
29Butt AugerLesbian Lust
30Butt AugerSplattercunt
31Butt AugerMasterpiece Of Shit
32Meat ShitsNoiroze (Intro)
33Meat ShitsDie For Robert (Again)
34Butt AugerNo More Life
35Butt AugerSexual Lunacy
36Meat ShitsLying Fucking Bitch (Time To Die.)
37Meat ShitsDisposal Of Human Garbage
38Butt AugerSee You In Hell
39Butt AugerStomping The Life Out Of An Infant
40Butt AugerFucking Kill
41Butt AugerCrust Of A Dead Sluts Fucking Shit Shaft
42Meat ShitsReturn To Society
43Meat ShitsBrutally Sodomized
44Butt AugerChikatilo
45Meat ShitsFucked Again (Outro)
46Butt AugerPusfucker
47Meat ShitsA.C. (Anal Cunt)
48Butt AugerPsychopathic Rampage
49Meat ShitsCatheter Nightmare
50Butt AugerSerial Rapist
51Meat ShitsAnal Cunnilingus Of Death
52Meat ShitsBurn In Your Lies
53Butt AugerLegalize Rape
54Meat ShitsShitlovers (Excrement Digestion)
55Meat ShitsAnal Refugee
56Butt AugerJesus Was A Dick
57Butt AugerOverpowering Stench Of A Yeast Infected Hair Pocket
58Butt AugerShithammer
59Butt AugerWho's Next?
60Meat ShitsEjaculation Evacuation
61Meat ShitsYou Hide The Truth (Bitch)
62Meat ShitsAnal Despair
63Meat ShitsColon Ruptured Erection
64Meat ShitsHomosexual Antidote (Kill Them)
65Meat ShitsUnholy Writ
66Meat ShitsBackstabbed Again
67Butt AugerLiquified Scrotal Slop
68Meat ShitsBlocked-Out (Fucked Up)
69Meat ShitsCocaine Cunt Numb
70Butt AugerSleeping With My Sister
71Butt AugerMustardized Smegma Spread
72Meat ShitsDeath Meat
73Meat ShitsC.C.C.
74Butt AugerInstrumentally Retarded
75Butt AugerRotten Hole Fucker
76Butt AugerSuck Cunt
77Butt AugerCunt Asshole Faggot
78Meat ShitsCorpse-Lick
79Butt AugerFarting Bloodclots
80Butt AugerDeath To Everyone
81Butt AugerTruckload Of Dead Babies
82Butt AugerSo Fucking What
83Meat ShitsOccupational Hazards
84Butt AugerPoop Stained Straw
85Meat ShitsIn You...I Cum (Slut)
86Butt AugerMenstration Milkshake
87Meat ShitsFrozen Emotion
88Butt AugerIncestual Threesome
89Butt AugerDeranged Fucker
90Butt AugerCacodemon Up My Ass
91Butt AugerShitbag Rottencrotch
92Butt AugerPissing Out Your Asshole
93Meat ShitsReturn To Lebanon And Bosnia
94Meat ShitsBleeding From The Anus
95Butt AugerDead Eating Dead
96Butt AugerSlaughter The Innocent
97Butt AugerViolation Of A Nun's Cunt
98Meat ShitsSuccumb To The Meat Shits
99Meat ShitsInterruption
100Butt AugerDie Fucker
101Butt AugerI Hate
102Butt AugerStupid Bitch
103Meat ShitsOriental Anal Surprise